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Nowadays, soundness and experience place Duinsa as a solvent and consolidated company in building industry. Since 1981, we have been studying, developing and working in building and infrastructures, both new and old.

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Pharmaceutical sector projects

At Duinsa we have developed numerous projects for leading companies within the pharmaceutical sector. The clients in this sector include companies such as Grupo Grífols, Laboratorios Almirall and Laboratorios Dr. Esteve, for whom we have carried out the construction of production plants, of new offices and the extension of their laboratories, among other works.

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Chemistry sector projects

Many companies enshrined in the chemical sector have placed their utmost trust in the Duinsa team. For companies such as Reckitt Benckiser España or Droiban SA, we have carried out several projects such as building new plants and extending and repairing some areas.

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Food sector projects

Within the food sector, leading companies such as Europastry SA or Sunny Delight España have also trusted Duinsa to conduct some of their projects of extending some industrial areas. For example, for these companies we have undertaken warehouse’s extending projects and we have built some new plants.

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Other sectors projects

Apart from the pharmaceutical, chemical and food sectors, at Duinsa we have also undertaken projects for companies in other areas. For example, for Cofac Ferreteros Asociados and the Col·legi d’Enginyers Tècnics Industrials de Barcelona (CETIB), we have developed works such as the construction of new industrial warehouses and of new spaces destined for offices.

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