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C/Mataró, 29-31, 3r C
08403 Granollers
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Know Duinsa

Building Construction in Granollers

Nowadays, soundness and experience place Duinsa as a solvent and consolidated company in building industry. Since 1981, we have been studying, developing and working in building and infrastructures, both new and old.

Duinsa philosophy has as principal values professionalism and responsibility. We carry out our activity using the most advanced constructive systems, fulfilling rigorously with the agreed period of execution. In addition, we have a human team made up of professionals, who effectively tackle the different needs of the projects we execute.

With the aim of achieving client’s trust, we provide a customized service. Duinsa offers the specific solution to each project characteristics, in order to obtain the most satisfactory result.

Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment is one of the most important aims in our managerial philosophy. This is why, from the beginning, in Duinsa we use the most suitable technologies and processes and we use recycled arid in our projects. In addition, we periodically update the new ISO quality certificates (nowadays we are working to obtain ISO 14001), and we have instilled training programs for our workers in waste management.
We develop our projects from the respect for the environment.