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Reversibly clean damp walls

Humidity is a problem that affects many buildings. We can find it in walls or interior walls with mold or damaged by salt. The main problem is that it slowly penetrates the wall, so the treatment must be very careful, eliminating the causes that originate it to restore a healthy climate throughout the building. There is a system that has been designed to reversibly clean up these damp walls, its name is Biodry Technology. This eliminates the humidity of capillary rise from the walls, permanently. With the aim of providing a definitive, ecological and biocompatible solution to the world of construction. The dehumidification process is monitored with constant controls, and with a rigorous measurment protocol. It is not necessary to connect it to the electrical network, in this way its operation is ensured without producing any kind of electromagnetic field that could generate interference with other devices. This technique detects the moisture both in the plaster and insid... +info

Safer offices against COVID-19

To prevent the contagion of COVID-19 in offices, as elsewhere, the safety distance set by health authorities must be maintained. The mask must be used correctly. Especially when we move from home to work, so as not to infect others and protect ourselves. When entering and leaving the work center, it is advisable to take turns. In this way, we avoid a large interrelationship in small places. It is recommended not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth and wash your hands with soap and water frequently or with a hydroalcoholic solution. Especially after coughing or sneezing, and if we do, we should cover our noses and mouths with the inside of our elbows or a disposable handkerchief. Regular ventilation of the facilities is recommended to help renew the air. Coronavirus transmission occurs especially by having direct contact with an infected person or by touching contaminated surfaces. For this reason, it is appropriate to maintain good space hygiene. It is important to do a g... +info

Sectorization against fires in industrial buildings

A fire in an industrial company can cause great impact on its activity, facilities, machinery and raw materials, but above all because of the risk it poses to the lives of its workers. Nowadays, the law obligues companies to implement a sectorization in their warehouses, for more protection against possible fires, and in case they occur, to minimize their impact and severity.  One of the most efficient passive protection systems is the firewall strips. They can be located on roofs facades or as sectoring elements in partition walls. Thus preventing the spread of fire, and avoiding damage to other sections of the warehouse or adjoining industrial buildings. The firewalls must be build of fire-resistant materials with load-bearing capacity, integrity and isolation. Composites are usually used with a combination of different materials. By dividing the space into different volumes, the fire can be limited only to the place where the fire has been declared, thus allowing the eva... +info

Rehabilitations and reforms,
as a measure for economic recovery

Rehabilitation and reform are a fundamental sector with a lot of potential on the economy and that will contribute to its recovery, representing more than 40% of the value of the materials of the construction as a whole. It is of vital importance to encourage demand in the coming months, and agree on a strategy with the contributions of political forces, to cope with the coronavirus crisis. The reform implies a huge volume of labor and provides added value to the consumer market. As this is a lasting investment, it helps to increase the value of the building and quality of life of those who use it.  In addition, as part of the EU Green Agreement, the European Commission has announced the Renovation Wave initiative to boost energy efficiency and the renovation of the building stock in Europe, to achieve the climate goals set out in the EU Green Pact. At Duinsa we focus our activity on the study, development and realization of works, both new construction and remodeling, reha... +info

Types of floors for industrial buildings

Industrial buildings are facilities where the surface is constantly exposed to the traffic of machinery, people and heavy vehicles. For this reason, the floor must be made of very resistant materials. It has to be taken into account that this kind of flooring must be adapted to the conditions of the company, and must be prepared for this purpose. The best options for industrial pavements are : Polished concrete floor Wooden floor for industrial buildings Epoxy resin flooring Self-leveling continuous floor Each type of activity needs a pavement with different finishes, so at Duinsa we meet with the requirements of each industry, designing the industrial floor which best suits your Company.... +info

Thermal Insulation in Industrial Warehouses

In an industrial warehouse, thermal insulation acts as a barrier so that hot air does not enter in summer or leave in winter, making energy consumption more efficient, thus reducing energy expenditure for heating and cooling.  It is a tool to obtain thermal comfort, providing employees with a feeling of well-being, thus increasing productivity. Another benefit is the protection of the equipment, by keeping the temperature and humidity stable. Most of the heat is lost through the roofs, so it is important to insulate them correctly, together with the facades. To achieve this, the most used materials are the following :   Extruded polystyrene   Fiberglass   Composites : those that combine two pieces of metal with internal insulation.   False ceiling : through an air chamber between the roof and the false ceiling.  At Duinsa we present the most suitable solutions acording to the requirements of each project, to get good insulation.... +info

Reforming a pharmacy

Reforming a pharmacy is a project tailored to new consumer trends. At Duinsa we reinvent space, apart from aesthetically, we also take into account several factors such as marketing, commercial strategy and the retail concept. We improve the image that is transmitted and the positioning, implementing improvements to meet the needs, of users and thus reach all kind of public. To increase profitability we carry out a space analysis, this way we can offer the best commercial solutions. We build health spaces to attract the consumer and provide a more dynamic experience.... +info

Construction and demolition waste

The generation of construction and demolition waste (RCD) is a problem of environmental pollution, representing more or less a third of the total waste produced in the European Union. Concrete recycling processes have been established to generate a more sustainable construction industry. Using recycled concrete is a safe way to reduce garbage dumps, and affordable mechanical grinding technology is available to achieve this, then sieved through No. 4 to separate small and large particles.  It has density and compaction properties that make it very useful for different applications. With recycling, it is possible to replace the raw material, reduce the environmental impact, decrease the exploitation of natural resources and lower transport costs, as it is treated on the same construction or demolition site. The material recovered from demolition sites have elements that must be separated before creating new concrete: Mortar and concrete-derived products. Natural ston... +info

The construction sector in Catalonia, 2020 forecasts

The CCOC calls for an investment effort that allows companies to be preserved and jobs to be created, prioritizing investments in infrastructure and equipment, based on the economic, social and environmental return. Construction is a sector with a high economic and social return, and that is becoming a key piece for the country’s economic recovery and the fight against climate change. The Recovery Plan envisaged by the European Union bets on public investment in construction and renewable energy, and also admits the increase in the public deficit. The immediate future impact of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, and the consequent economic and social crisis, is difficult to estimate, because traditional methods of economic forecasting don’t work in such high uncertainty environments. However investment in construction in Catalonia is expected to partially recover in 2021.... +info

Painting an industrial buildings

Industrial buildings must have clean walls, floors and ceilings, and that these surfaces do not produce dust and are easy to clean. Dirt is a very serious problem in buildings, since it causes them to deteriorate earlier, so they must be effectively protected. They must have a uniform appearance and therefore a paint coating must be applied both inside and outside. The first step is to find what type of paint is the most suitable for the pavement, walls and ceilings, according to the substrate being painted and what resistance the finish requires. The most used in industrial buildings are semi-gloss or glossy white paints, both alkyd resin and latex. Epoxy paints are also used, but they have a higher cost, since it is a most durable and resistant system. It is also important that on the surfaces that remain unpainted, use the appropriate primer. The color has to be taken into consideration, since if it is painted in dark tones it will require more layers, and if it ... +info