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1997, Construction of a warehouse for the Freudenberg company.

On the occasion of the celebration of Duinsa's 40th anniversary, we continue sharing and remembering moments lived. On this occasion we share an old photograph, specifically from 1997. This self-supporting warehouse or silo was built by the company Freudenberg.  We were in charge of building the foundations, drainage, the silo floor slab, and all the closures and finishes on the façade and roof.  What do you think of the result? You can see many of the projects we have carried out here! ... +info

Seven out of Ten Workers in the Construction Sector are Permanent

70% of insured workers in the construction sector have a permanent contract. This is according to the latest report by the Construction Labour Foundation, which shows the impact of the labor market reform on the sector.  The approval of this reform meant the disappearance of the permanent construction contract as of 31 December 2021, although contracts signed before that date will remain in force. Since 2013, the number of companies in the construction sector has continued to increase. In this respect, the analysis shows that 7 out of 10 companies have a legal form and that more than half of these companies have between 1 and 2 employees. ... +info

Sonae Arauco launches Wood Solutions for Sustainable Construction in the Iberian Peninsula

Sonae Arauco will launch two sustainable and innovative wood fiber solutions for building cladding and insulation in the Iberian market. It’s worth remembering that Europe has the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050, and the building sector is crucial to achieve this goal!  Therefore, the use of wood, a sustainable material and a source of CO2 sequestration, is playing an increasingly important role in construction and renovation projects. These products - Agepan DWD T&G and Agepan THD T&G - are made of wood fibreboards. They guarantee high quality, functionality and reliability for use in roofs, walls and floors; they protect buildings from external influences such as sun, rain, wind, snow or hail and provide excellent sound insulation in homes and buildings, reducing noise pollution. What do you think?  ... +info

First National Match of AVA

Yesterday, the Ametlla del Vallès Senior Volleyball Association had its first match in the National League in Manacor!  Although the match wasn’t won, we’re very happy to collaborate with quality sport and bet on a project with a future! ... +info

1997, distribution warehouse for Technal

Because of the celebration of Duinsa's 40th anniversary, we continue sharing and remembering moments lived! On this occasion we share an old photograph, specifically from 1997. These photographs refer to the works that were made for the aluminum closure company Technal, when it had the facilities in Parets del Vallès. In this case, a distribution warehouse was built with an underground water tank to comply with fire regulations. ... +info

Madrid and the Nearly Zero Energy Consumption Building

The capital aspires to be one of the pioneering cities in the exploitation of technological development focused on the construction of Nearly Zero Energy Consumption Buildings (NCEB). Madrid will be, among others, a pioneering city in Spain to start exploiting this development, where industrialisation and digitalisation go hand in hand thanks to the innovative constructions that are already underway. The use of BIM, which makes it possible to incorporate economic, energy and resource efficiency in the construction of buildings, is one of the practices that are already being carried out in the capital, together with the use of new construction materials that certify efficient solutions supported by the sector's circular economy. ... +info

1985 Coaliment de Granollers

On the occasion of the celebration of Duinsa's 40th anniversary, we continue sharing and remembering moments lived. On this occasion we share an old photograph, specifically from 1985. These photographs refer to the works of adaptation of the inner area of the company Coaliment de Granollers, where the repair and asphalting of the inner courtyard for the entrance and exit of trucks, and the consolidation of the loading docks, as well as the retaining walls of the land surrounding the courtyard were made. ... +info

ESG Certification in the construction Industry

In April this year, AENOR presented the Sustainable Building Certification, "a new pioneering seal in the market and in the construction sector which, for the first time, takes into account ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria", explains the organization.  This certification requires the incorporation in the construction of a minimum percentage of products manufactured under sustainability criteria. In addition, the impacts of the building will be assessed. The purpose of the certification is to become an important instrument for the generation of trust among citizens, public administrations and investors because it responds to the needs of a context that is increasingly concerned about sustainability in all its dimensions.   It contributes to the acceleration of the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda and to social and industrial development, promoting, directly or indirectly, various social objectives such as job crea... +info

1996 Montcada Industrial Buildings

On the occasion of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Duinsa, we continue sharing and remembering moments lived. On this occasion we share an old photograph, specifically from 1996.  These warehouses were built for a private developer, who later rented them.  They consist of a prefabricated concrete structure, block wall enclosures, sheet metal roofing and concrete floors. They were intended for industrial use. ... +info

The time is ripe for building a more sustainable future

The challenges facing the infrastructure sector continue to grow in an increasingly complicated economic and social context. Its role in the country's recovery is decisive, as it generates induced economic activity, provides a fiscal return to public administrations and creates jobs, not to mention the social benefits it brings.  Now it is the New Generation that promises to save the sector after years of the recent investment drought it has suffered. The economic injection from Brussels will also make it possible to comply with the 2030 Agenda where infrastructures are protagonists in 6 of its 17 goals. Spain has many companies that are among the best in the world, which increases the productivity of the economy. Construction activity alone represents approximately 5% of GDP, but now the important thing is its long-term effect, in many aspects, especially in sustainability: it has a multiplier effect as long as the infrastructures are well designed and make sense. In other ... +info