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Adaptations of corporate buildings

The headquarters of a company, an office or a corporate building is the image of the company, which transmits its values and tells who and how we are. In addition, good distribution and correct lighting, together with other structural elements, will contribute to a better work environment and will encourage the company's employees to feel comfortable in their work space. That is why corporate buildings must always be updated and kept perfect. At Duinsa we are specialists in adapting corporate buildings, maintaining the corporate image of the company and adapting each space to the needs of the company's activity.... +info


At Duinsa we specialize in construction projects in the chemical sector

The chemical sector requires extensive knowledge of legislation and the needs that an industry can have. For this reason, in Duinsa we are specialists in the design, development and construction of projects in this field, since we can offer clients an integral project that takes into account all the legislative, administrative and logistical aspects of the chemical sector.... +info


Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment is one of the most important aims in our managerial philosophy. This is why, from the beginning, in Duinsa we use the most suitable technologies and processes and we use recycled arid in our projects. In addition, we periodically update the new ISO quality certificates and we have instilled training programs for our workers in waste management. We develop our projects from the respect for the environment.... +info


Carlos Requena, new head of the Department of Studies of Duinsa

Carlos Requena has recently joined Duinsa as head of the Studies Department, replacing Virginia Comas. Requena faces this new challenge in which it ensures its "best training moment". "I want to apply my knowledge and experience in the construction sector to the service of the Department, both to offer agility and dynamism and to incorporate innovation from the base, in the definition of the budget," he says. The new head of the Studies Department understands the activity of Duinsa as a service and considers that the first thing is "to cover the clients from the first moment". Therefore, he explains that he will try to "incorporate the commercial and monitoring element as an essential point". Carlos Requena also intends to "strengthen communication between departments to work together, which will enrich and provide data to improve all the dynamics." Thus, he says, "we will try to promote synergy within the company". Carlos Requena has dedicated himself for more than 20 year... +info


Reform of the basses of a building for Tecnoespai

Duinsa is a reference company in the construction sector, thanks to the solidity and experience gained since 1981. We focus our activity on the study, development and construction of works, both of new construction and remodeling, rehabilitation or renovations of existing ones, especially in the industrial sector. An example of the work carried out by Duinsa is the renovation of the ground floor of a building for Tecnoespai, part of the College of Graduate Engineers and Industrial Technical Engineers of Barcelona.   ... +info


From industrial construction to public work

In Duinsa we focus our activity in certain areas of the construction sector, with the aim of offering the customer a specialized service. Our areas of action are: industrial construction, general construction and public works.... +info


We carry out projects for all types of companies

At DUINSA we are specialists in carrying out projects in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food sectors, although we have also carried out projects for companies in other fields. For example, we have developed projects such as the construction of warehouses and new office spaces. This is the case of this building in Rubí (Barcelona): it is a building destined for offices and storage for gardening.... +info

duinsa silvia roca

Implication and commitment for a quality service

At the service of the clients, personnel involved and the commitment of our industrialists with the quality: these are the three basic points of DUINSA's quality policy. The way we have to guarantee the quality of the final result of our services is the requirement with the industrialists and suppliers we work with, since they must meet a series of essential requirements and must be approved by DUINSA. In addition, we have environmental management systems to guarantee compliance with the legal requirements in this regard. Silvia Roca, Head of Security, Quality and Environment, explains how we work at DUINSA to offer a high quality service. https://vimeo.com/234828686... +info


Specialists in projects in the food sector

The food sector requires very specific needs, especially in relation to safety and quality, to adapt to current regulations and offer maximum guarantees to consumers. For this reason, at DUINSA we are experts in the design and construction of projects focused on food companies. We know the requirements of this sector and offer customized solutions to each client. This is the case of the construction of the new warehouse of this company in El Prat de Llobregat.... +info