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Air quality in the food industry

Companies in the food industry must comply with very demanding quality standards, both for handling conditions and when processing products. Requiring thorough hygiene and disinfection.

In this type of environment, the control of air quality in the production areas is essential, mainly in terms of temperature, humidity and particle concentration, as pollutants are produced that can cause a negative environment impact, and above all they can harm the health of workers.

In order to guarantee this good quality of the indoor air, and air filtration process is essential with a previous analysis of the ventilation systems and carrying out a study of the risks of pollution.

After this study, the areas of possible risk and the need for purity of each space will be determined.

When it comes to controlling the temperature, humidity and condensation of the installations, a good solution is to circulate the air with industrial HVLS ceiling fans. Always checking that the temperatures are stable, to preserve the quality and safety of the product.

Maintaining proper air quality in the food industry will ensure optimal hygiene and safety conditions, improving working conditions and the well-being of employees.