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Benefits of continuous pavements in industrial spaces

Continuous pavements are the best option for renovating an industrial area, due to their high resistance and their finished aesthetics.

They are floors of printed concrete with a finish that has no joints, so they are the most comprehensive option in the construction sector. Achieving a smooth and sometimes shiny surface.

The use of continuous pavements in industrial spaces offers a series of benefits :

  1. They prevent the presence of cracks due to load or pressure, as they don’t have expansion joints.
  2. They are easier to clean and cheap to maintain.
  3. They prevent the proliferation of germs.
  4. They have greater resistance to high temperatures.
  5. They are waterproof and non-slip floors.
  6. The application is very fast and clean.

There are different types of continuous pavements on the market, such as Epoxy Resin Pavements, Polyurethane Resins, Microcement, Concrete or Polished Cement and Continuous MicroTerrazo.

At Duinsa we take care of offering you the best option, according to your needs.