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Reversibly clean damp walls

Humidity is a problem that affects many buildings. We can find it in walls or interior walls with mold or damaged by salt.

The main problem is that it slowly penetrates the wall, so the treatment must be very careful, eliminating the causes that originate it to restore a healthy climate throughout the building.

There is a system that has been designed to reversibly clean up these damp walls, its name is Biodry Technology. This eliminates the humidity of capillary rise from the walls, permanently. With the aim of providing a definitive, ecological and biocompatible solution to the world of construction.

The dehumidification process is monitored with constant controls, and with a rigorous measurment protocol.

It is not necessary to connect it to the electrical network, in this way its operation is ensured without producing any kind of electromagnetic field that could generate interference with other devices.

This technique detects the moisture both in the plaster and inside the walls.