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The new profiles most in demand in the construction sector for 2022

The Construction Labor Foundation recognizes that the sector needs 700,000 workers to cope with the upward trend in construction and the boost that the injection of European Next Generation funds will bring.

In this situation of employment demand for the construction sector, it is evident the creation of new professional profiles which have their origin in the modernization of the sector and the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology. From DUINSA, we will take a look at these new profiles, which are undoubtedly the most demanded in the sector at present.

The entry of new profiles in construction

The technification and digitalization of the sector has contributed to the development of two transformations within the construction industry: on the one hand, the reconversion of traditional trades towards highly qualified professional profiles; and on the other hand, the integration and diversity of the workforce.

Emilio Lezana, manager of the Construction Labor Foundation, told Noticias de Navarra that “industrialization generates employment stability, innovation and profitability”. In addition to all these strengths, he warns that industrialized construction will contribute to the stabilization of employment and the creation of new, more qualified jobs. As an extra note on the advantages, Lezana underlines that this transformation will also bring other consequences such as that “the labor insertion of women and young people will also increase, which is something very positive”.

In any case, industrialized construction is growing as a sustainable and digital alternative for the future. Therefore, young talents who want to become professionals in this field today will have a promising future in a booming market.
Thus, we can affirm that in this context, digitalization affects the profiles of all areas within construction. We are talking about a total and transversal renewal of the sector, since all jobs in industrialized construction require adequate specialization.