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Energy efficiency with Polyurethane

Improving energy efficiency in construction is essential, to achieve the Horizon 2020 sustainability agreements.

Thermal isolation is very important to get an optimal energy efficiency, this allows the final user can save in air conditioning and the emissions generated by heating and cooling systems are reduced.

Polyurethanes are innovative, sustainable and very versatile, as they are very efficient and have numerous applications in construction and industry.

The use of polyurethanes brings many benefits in buildings:

  • Reinforces structures.
  • Repairs cracks and fissures.
  • Decreases the need for maintenance and rehabilitation.
  • It is specially sustainable, since it normally exceeds the useful life of the building itself.
  • Saving in raw material costs.
  • It has a very low thermal conductivity.
  • Reduces energy expenditure and emissions.
  • Its lightness, minimizes the weight in structural loads and facilitates transport.
  • Simple installation.
  • Seals and waterproofs.
  • Gets the highest levels of isolation with the least thickness.
  • Does not reduce the interior living space.

The main polyurethane applications are: sprayed polyurethane, injected polyurethane, polyurethane sheets and polyurethane sandwich panels.

Each application offers different properties and it will be used according to the isolation objectives we want to achieve and the constructive solution in which it will be used.

For these reasons, the installation of polyurethane isolation systems is the most effective and economical solution to thermally isolate a building.