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Painting an industrial buildings

Industrial buildings must have clean walls, floors and ceilings, and that these surfaces do not produce dust and are easy to clean.

Dirt is a very serious problem in buildings, since it causes them to deteriorate earlier, so they must be effectively protected.

They must have a uniform appearance and therefore a paint coating must be applied both inside and outside.

The first step is to find what type of paint is the most suitable for the pavement, walls and ceilings, according to the substrate being painted and what resistance the finish requires.

The most used in industrial buildings are semi-gloss or glossy white paints, both alkyd resin and latex.

Epoxy paints are also used, but they have a higher cost, since it is a most durable and resistant system.

It is also important that on the surfaces that remain unpainted, use the appropriate primer.

The color has to be taken into consideration, since if it is painted in dark tones it will require more layers, and if it is painted in white it will turn yellowish over time.

Before begining to paint, the surface of the walls must be prepared : scrape, wash in cold water and hot water, clean with dry ice and sandblasting, and a solvent wash.

At Duinsa we will advise you on the best solution for you.