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Sustainable buildings in 2030

According to ONU forecasts, in 2030 70% of global population will live in cities. With this high growing, energy demands in buildings will increase about 50% in 2026, and to guarantee the environmental sustainability some significant changes will be needed to reduce CO2 emissions.

To reach Sustainable Development Goals, it is necessary to reduce the carbon footprint in the construction sector, implementing new energy and climate efficiency measures, improving the insulation of roofs, facades and windows.

To reach the 30% of reduction target, buildings should improve their energy efficiency about 3% per year.

Some of the goals to achieve it are the following:

  • Increase sustainable and inclusive urbanization.
  • Protect the world’s cultural and natural heritage.
  • Decrease energy consumption of lighting and air conditioning.
  • Reduce negative environmental impact per person in cities.
  • Minimize the use of resources, degradation and pollution, to get a better quality of life.

The construction sector has to collaborate to optimize energy consumption and create much more sustainable communities, facing the challenge of improving the quality of life in cities, without harming the environment, or minimizing its impact.