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Thermal Insulation in Industrial Warehouses

In an industrial warehouse, thermal insulation acts as a barrier so that hot air does not enter in summer or leave in winter, making energy consumption more efficient, thus reducing energy expenditure for heating and cooling.

 It is a tool to obtain thermal comfort, providing employees with a feeling of well-being, thus increasing productivity.

Another benefit is the protection of the equipment, by keeping the temperature and humidity stable.

Most of the heat is lost through the roofs, so it is important to insulate them correctly, together with the facades. To achieve this, the most used materials are the following :

  1.   Extruded polystyrene
  2.   Fiberglass
  3.   Composites : those that combine two pieces of metal with internal insulation.
  4.   False ceiling : through an air chamber between the roof and the false ceiling.

 At Duinsa we present the most suitable solutions acording to the requirements of each project, to get good insulation.