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Sectorization against fires in industrial buildings

A fire in an industrial company can cause great impact on its activity, facilities, machinery and raw materials, but above all because of the risk it poses to the lives of its workers.

Nowadays, the law obligues companies to implement a sectorization in their warehouses, for more protection against possible fires, and in case they occur, to minimize their impact and severity. 

One of the most efficient passive protection systems is the firewall strips. They can be located on roofs facades or as sectoring elements in partition walls. Thus preventing the spread of fire, and avoiding damage to other sections of the warehouse or adjoining industrial buildings.

The firewalls must be build of fire-resistant materials with load-bearing capacity, integrity and isolation. Composites are usually used with a combination of different materials.

By dividing the space into different volumes, the fire can be limited only to the place where the fire has been declared, thus allowing the evacuation of the staff and helping in the extinction tasks.